Four times as much repo clones as unique cloners per week

I’ve observed in my repo’s Statistics/Traffic page that I had 13 unique cloners but around 50 clones. I don’t understand that - why should everyone clone the repo four times a week ? You normally just clone it ONCE then just do git pull. Are package / branch .zip archives and git pulls counted, too ?

Also, can I see the number of total downloads somewhere (not just the last week) ?

try this

you must have releases or else it will show, there are no releases for this project

  1. some people don’t understand git.
  2. some people work on multiple systems.
  3. some people work on temporary systems (VMs etc)
  4. your repos might be being cloned in workflows or docker builds?
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Nope - the specific repo I’m talking about is an aircraft model for a flight simulator. Point 1 could be an explication, point 2 an 3 are unlikely, because usually you don’t install a flight sim on multiple machines. I was just thinking, that maybe git pull’s also count in.

This looks good - but why does it say that the release has no download assets available (thus doesn’t show the download count) even though there are two assets listed in the release it links to ? Release Cessna 210 - the first release ! · TheFGFSEagle/c210-family · GitHub

in my opinion, the default assets are not counted,

if a software is being shift, either the author/s will include the .zip of the executable or the executable alone or both, those are counted as the assets and you need to manually add that, just like my example I have the .zip and included in that is the executable