Forwarding port to webpack devserver over https with self-signed certificate gives 502 Bad Gateway

I tried to use codespaces for a React app built with webpack. Our current build loop uses webpack dev-server with a self-signed cert. Running locally we have to accept the cert but when I tested codespaces with port forwarding I’m forwarded but get a 502 Bad Gateway in the browser. Can codespaces be used with self-signed certs or can this be different problem?

Thanks for reaching out! We don’t currently support HTTPS-based proxying, but this is something we’ll be unblocking soon. In the meantime, you’ll need to switch to using webpack’s HTTP-based dev server, which should work well in a Codespace. Let us know if that can get you unblocked :+1:

Hello, we now do support HTTPs servers with self-signed certs. Please take it for a spin and let us know.