Fork, merge and pull requests - suddenly protected branch !?

Hi all!

I am forking a public repository, because I want to fix some bigger issue. This has taken me some months already, now I want to update my copy, as to include the recent public changes. However, I run into unexpected problems. Following are the details:

Public repository: Mudlet/Mudletbranch:development

My fork: Kebap/Mudletbranch:development

My workplace: Kebap/Mudlet branch:documentation-in-wiki

I have now created a pull request to pull changes from Mudlet’s development branch into my fork’s development branch. After this, I want to pull changes from my development branch into my working branch. However, the first step fails.

My current pull request:

I see a note, I need to resolve conflicts. It’s okay, I have done this before.

Recent completed pull requests:

* Mudlet “development” into my forked copy

* My “development” into my working branch

However, inside my current pull request (at the bottom in the “This branch has conflicts that must be resolved” box) the “Resolve conflict” button is greyed-out and when I hover my mouse there, I read a note saying “development branch is a protected branch”

Why is that? I did not set my development copy to protected.

I can click the link “Use the web editor to resolve conflicts” there and resolve the conflicts. However, when I click “merge changes” then, it fails and says “This page is out of date. Start over” - even if I confirm within a matter of seconds.

I assume is because of protection, and this link shouldn’t even be available then, right?

Now please tell me. Am I doing it right? Why is this not working anymore? Thanks in advance!

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Please let me know if you need any additional details, or how I can otherwise help an answer. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

So I was helped to fix this issue with another git client. Now the pull request linked to above has been automatically merged, it seems. However, the person helping me assumes this may have been a bug in github, because merge should be possible, and was possible the other way. Not sure what to do with this information though. I was happily using github website for merges until at this point it wasn’t possible after all.

Hi @kebap,

Can you double-check the settings for protected branches on your repository and let me know what you find there? It seems odd that development would be defined as a protected branch when you haven’t explicitly set it there.

I also would recommend contacting GitHub Support directly for help on this particular issue as forum members don’t have any special tooling to help investigate this. :frowning:

​If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know; so happy to help further!

Kindest regards,

Hi Matthew!

Thank you for your reply.

I did not set my development branch as protected. In fact, when I look under settings, there is not a single branch protected at all, at all.

Will inform github support about this thread.