Fork a specific Release

Hello everybody,

is it possible to create a fork from a repository from the past? For example, if the project has the version number 2.1 and I want to have a fork of the version number 1.7. or is this not possible to avoid conflicts?

Thank you very much


Usually, you would start a branch from a specific past release, but still fork the whole repository.

Remember that all branches are equal (of equal worth) in git; the viewpoint that the trunk of development goes via “version 1.7” to your “version” (even though there is a huge side branch claiming to end in “version 2.1” that splits off from this trunk at “version 1.7”) is just as valid as the more conventional viewpoint that it is “version” that is the side branch. Having the conventional development history in your forked repository is useful, because it simplifies cherrypicking material from it to your own branch.