Force push bug keep old commit history in profile

Many time I have to do a force push(Deleting a commit with git reset HEAD~ no reverting.) to keep my history clean but after doing a force push the profile.

Like actual commit in a repo is 1 on 14 NOV.

Screenshot from 2020-11-16 20-51-42
But in profile it show 2 commits in acticity also(also it shows in activity that i commited twice).

What i actually did.

  1. Commit and push a commit on remote.
  2. Reset a commit local (not revert.)
  3. Commit new change and FORCE PUSH by git push --force

So in no error condition it should show only one commit as listed in repo but it still shows extra commit that i reset and pushed.

This happens me most of time in all repos

Like profile show 15 commits in a repo on 13 nov. But actual repo contain just one. Actual commit tree See on 13 nov its only one.