Force page to update?

Hi jdevstatic.
Thanks for your reply.

Actually if you go to the bottom of the page and check the link of “portfolio”, it is not the same I have in the repository. That is one of the objects I am trying to update and it does not happen.

In the repository the link is:

But in the gh-page the link is:

You can see the updated link in the repository in the component “footer” in this link:


Hi. I have not received any replies here…
I am planning to delete the github repository and create a new one from scratch.
I already tried everything posted here and nothing worked.

Any suggestion?

@rargotte, that is another repo, your last update there was last 3 months ago

Hej all!

I would like to add to this with yet another example. It has been >2h in my case:

Repository: GitHub - g-pacheco/ 🌐 This repository supports my webpage.

Many thanks in advance, George.

what is not updated in there ? let us know

You can look at the data in the bottom-left corner… it says Last Updated: Jun 21, 2022, when it should say Last Updated: Jun 22, 2022. You can see that in the index.html file:

So it does seem that the repository was updated correctly, but the page does not change regardless.

Thanks a lot for your help, George.

not very sure why in your commits there are errors,

that’s why it will not build too

Hello. You are right. I am not sure why I got those errors for those commits. I just changed something minor today and committed again and now the page is updated accordingly. Maybe it was a temporary issue?

Thanks again for your help!

the errors are still there,

yesterday, there was a GitHub Pages degraded performance too, and I’m not very sure if it was at that time