Force page to update?

The only way that I have found, to date, to get a change to apply to any page on github pages is to:

  1. push the change to the repo
  2. open in the browser and navigate to the file
  3. press the pencil button
  4. edit the file. make a change, undo the change. Anything to enable the commit button. I find taking the extra line break out of the end of the file to work, since github always puts it back again.
  5. press commit.

The page is now updated.

Is there a better way that works that doesn’t have me opening a browser?

Hi @frumbert, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

GitHub Pages sites will automatically update on any push to the publishing source of your site, so if your site is hosted on the gh-pages branch then it will automatically build a new version when a new commit is pushed to that branch, either from the website or from a local copy of your repository.

Pages sites can take up to 10 minutes to build, and another 10 to fully propagate across our CDN network, so it can take a few minutes for the latest version of your site to become available.

If this isn’t happening for you can you share a link to the repository that hosts your site? There may be some other issues going on that are stopping GitHub from building and deploying your site.

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