For .Net core webapi and angular, Signalr response not getting client side from server side when SignalR client has connected to server

I have created one web application using .Net core web api as backend side and angular8 as front-side.

Now we implemented signalr feature.

sometimes signalR not working, when SignalR client has connected to the server but gets no message from the server.

I added my signalR backend code as backend side as follows.

await hubContext.Clients.Client(userSignalrCnnectionID).SendAsync(“updatescards”, cardupdates)

I already checked some property after send signalr for both cases(when signalr working or when signalR not working) like Status(its value “RanToCompletion”), IsCompleted(its value true), IsCompletedSuccessfully(its value true), IsFaulted(its value false), IsCancelled(its value false).

Please let me know why sometimes not getting response message from front-side(i checked not getting any exception from backend code)