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I want to build a database using up-to-date database tools. I’m looking around Github to see what’s already been created. But that’s complicated by the fact that apparently “recipe”, “cookbook”, and even “chef” are often used for non-food/cooking purposes, they are used to refer to easily replicable sets of instructions e.g. set up a server, etc. 

I’m not satisfied with the Android + online recipe manager apps available, e.g. Pepper Plate & Paprika. Especially when they make it difficult to do a complete export / backup of all recipes. I’m on Linux Ubuntu. So at least with Evernote I can use web-based Evernote and I use NixNote to sync and then “Backup Database”.

I’m sure there are coders / GitHub users who cook and decided to organize their recipe collection. 

How do I find GitHub repositories which are what I’m looking for.


I see what you mean :slight_smile: . seems to cough up a few results that are actually related to cooking. seems pretty funny.

Besides that, you might also want to look at projects which aren’t exactly targeted at cooking, but more at taking notes for example.

Hi @webmanoffesto,

Here is a cool open source project that might help: thecookbook. Also, this post was moved to a different board that fits your topic of discussion a bit better. This means you’ll get better engagement on your post, and it keeps our community organized so users can more easily find information.

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Thank you for your helpful response. That also helped me to see that searching on “ruby on rails recipe manager” would yield better results. My current list of resources to further investigate: