Font size difference between and local browser. Please help!

If you go to my GitHub Pages site at, you can see that all the text is quite big.

I’m on Mac, so this might differ a bit, but if you go to your terminal and you type “git clone” and then you open the index.html file locally you can see that the font size is much smaller, and much more natural looking.

It’s still the same font, Roboto, so it is working correctly. I’m using REMs which refers to the html root element for the size to set the font.

You can take a peek at the CSS in the resources folder, but I set the html root element to 62.5% of the regular font size, so my best guess was that Github Pages is messing with the number and putting the number at 100%.

However, I put that theory to the test and I changed the html root element font size locally to 100% and it still was a different size. So I’m pretty stuck and this is super annoying because it’s the exact same thing but it’s loading differently.

I only have one branch, and this isn’t a fork, and it’s definitely published.

I’m not really sure what to do and I couldn’t find anyone with a similar problem, since I’m only using plain html and css. Thanks!

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