Followed trouble shooting advice, and still receiving 404 error when trying to deploy to GitHub Pages

I have been trying to publish my portfolio website to GitHub pages under the following link:

However, every time I try to deploy it shows that it failed. I have changed my main repository to master where all my files are located, ensured that master is selected under the pages setting and deleted the README file to test if that resolves the issue.

Here is the link to my repository:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I just checked your page and it is still 404

create a new repo like test then make a simple, deploy the site at root, then let’s see,

by this way, before you put any build files you know that your GitHub Pages is working, then you can push all of your build files after

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Was able to resolve this issue. For those running into similar issues, I had received the following error:

Error: Error: No uploaded artifact was found!
Error: Error: No uploaded artifact was found!

With some further investigation, I realized that I had made a submodule accidentally (I’m still learning git), which contained a copy of my repository. Once I deleted the submodule (name “portfolio” in my case), I was able to deploy with no issues.

A noob with Github Pages here, I too am getting the same errors. What does “I had made a submodule accidentally” mean. I don’t think I’ve done anything like that

Hi methodphoto,

More or less I created a copy of my entire repository within my repository so it was showing up as a submodule. I would push from this submodule to my GitHub. When it came time to try and deploy the site, GitHub wouldn’t deploy it because it wasn’t sure what to do with the submodule. Since I didn’t need it, I deleted it and resolved the problem.

It looks as though your site is now up and deployed. Is it another site that is affected or were you able to resolve the issue?

Hi Luke

Yes in the end I took the approach of starting again with a minimal site, that worked, and just added new parts bit by bit.
I think because I had a local jekyll running, files were being pushed that interfered with the GitHub pages build.

Thanks for responding :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I was experiencing similar issues.

I resolved it by creating gh-page branch and deleting the submodule in that branch while using docs folder for static HTML files.

GitHub staff should look into this newly introduced problem.

Hi all,

While I have some experience on deploying at GitHub pages, this time it also gives me the same error message:

[Error: Error: No uploaded artifact was found!]

for this repo: GitHub - gulinan/montpellier_ml_talk2022.

I will also appreciate any help/suggestion for getting rid of this error (i checked submodule thing, deleted all the files, created new repo, but nothing solved the problem).

Thank you very much.


Hi gulinan,

Sorry for the delayed response. I took a look through your repository and came across the following error under jobs → build:

“Liquid Exception: Liquid syntax error (line 113): Variable ‘{{i}’ was not properly terminated with regexp: /}}/ in index.Rmd”

I’m personally not familiar with liquid, but I was able to find a similar issue to the one you are experiencing that looks to be closed:

The solution seems to be:

" Wrap that whole line with {% raw %}{% endraw %} to let Liquid know not to try to parse it :+1: "

for your variable “i” on line 113 in index.rmd.

I’m still a GitHub noob, so I apologize if this is something you have already tested. Hope it helps!


Hi lukeqanderson, I would like to apologize for replying your email very lately. This was an extra ordinary week, where i was dealing with paper grading along with the problems which current situation of pandemic brought.

I just tried your solution, but, I could not let it worked. I am also not a guru on this. I will leave it as it is. I would like to thank you very much for your kind reply one more time, and would like to apologize for being late million times. I would appreciate your understanding. Best wishes.