Floating time zone for Actions 'schedule' triggering event

I use on: schedule: cron: to trigger a build every day. This is a good alternative to push: in case of large projects, for which rebuilding for 20 mins after every commit is overkilling.

However, the times in cron: seem to be always referring to the UTC time. In order to coordinate operations well (eg, have the build running at lunch time), I’d need support for “floating” time zone, ie, I specify 12 British time and it runs at 12/UK both in winter and in summer, when daylight time is active*. Currently, even if I manually adjust the scheduled time, everything is switched by 1 hour when we enter or quit the DLT season (ie, I’m forced to manually re-adjust it twice a year).

No feature like the above seems to be available in GH Actions, I’d file this as a new feature proposal, but I can’t find exactly where I should do so.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You can submit your request here: Share feedback - GitHub Support

As a workaround, you could use cron: '0 12,13 * * MON-FRI' to trigger the workflow at 12 and 13 UTC (Monday through Friday), check for daylight saving time and cancel one of the two runs / skip all of its jobs.