Flash SMS, iOS, GUI, ethical hacking??

Please be gentle, I know do NOT belong here, I have nothing worthwhile to contribute, but this is where the SUPER SMART  people ‘hang out’ to inspire, brainstorm and invent, which makes this site the perfect place to (hopefully) find someone to help me with a project (as a paid ‘expert’)… 

I understand about 2% of what I’ve been trying to learn for the last 18 months and based on my ‘research’ and the information I’ve read on this site by you guys, I’m hoping maybe someone can help a poor girl and find some fun in a challenging project that will (likely) require a lot of ‘creativity’…  Please know that I am NOT attempting to do anything ‘illegal’, there is NO attempt to scam, steal PII, or anything of the like; I am an ethical business owner trying to prove to someone that this can be done VISUALLY, knowing there are many reasons that my project isn’t ‘executable’ (nor do I want/need it to be).  

PLEASE don’t be annoyed quite yet, and allow me to explain…   


While using iOS 8.?? on iPhone 5s, my ‘friend Bob’ received this notification… Although this notification may/may not have been executable (truly allowing that number to be associated with that Apple ID), I believe there is a way to visually replicate a similar notification on iPhone 8 (again, the code doesn’t have to DO anything). 

I understand there are significant limitations due to push notifications within the iOS operating system, not having the device ID, the IMEI, sim card info, etc., etc.  BUT… somehow, some way, there has to be a way (via flash SMS, verification notification, etc.) to send a visually similar ‘pop-up’.  I’ve played around with msg91, Nexmo, Twilio, etc., but I can’t wrap my brain around how to execute certain developer codes, or understand the workings of json, API’s, the limitations of post vs get, etc.  


I’ve seen what you guys are able to accomplish and I want to believe there is a creative way to custom format a push notification request script or a flash sms or…


I’d even be happy if I could produce (and push) a visually similar ‘image’ to an android device or to visually convey a similar message via facebook popup…

As a CPA, when business owners come to me with appears to be daunting and unorthodox tax situations, I end up immersing myself in the issue until I figure it out, because the fun is in being ethically creative enough to think outside the box and to develop the exact sequence of events needed that will ethically fit within the IRS regulations, thereby completing a challenge that others were unable (or lack the patience or tenacity) to  accurately complete. 

Is there anyone that experiences that same stubborn determination and is able and willing to help me to gain the ability to boast of helping an intelligent, but technologically-ill-advised sweet girl with a very, very sad story that prompted this inquiry (and a reasonable fee :wink:

Please feel free to comment (nicely, please :flushed:) or email me directly ([email address redacted by moderator]) with your ‘payment terms’ for discussion. Thank you guys SOOO much!!


*** I wish I could decipher this code, if it works for my needs…  https://gist.github.com/joashp/b2f6c7e24127f2798eb2

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Hi @stallc, we’re glad you’re here :grinning:

However, we don’t want to have job listings on the Community Forum right now. It is perfectly appropriate to look for help from the community with something that you’re working on, however. Often, we recommend sharing a link to the repository where your project is held and adding collaborators that way.

Job listings are something that we’ve added to the list to investigate if we can do so without overwhelming other conversations. Keep checking back as the Community Forum grows and we add more capabilities!

Thanks for your interest :+1: