Flagged Account

My account got flagged. I need my account for class and I have a project due tomorrow so I need it ASAP. I don’t know why it got flagged. 

Can a dev or staff please help me?

Hi @bigwillyesmond123
There are a lot of this threads in the community, here an example:
For more info you have to contact support of github at support@github.com or direct with https://github.com/contact

Hope to help you


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I am a professor at Maryville College and I have been using github in my Computer Science classes.

Today an organization that I created for a research project was flagged.  That was irksome as I am about to present at a conference, and I want that material to be available to the people at my talk.  I contacted support, but I have to say that now that I see github is in the habit of flagging students, I am deeply concerned.

I think I will begin the process to move over to gitlab.  They don’t seem to have the same problems.  I simply cannot risk staying in the github system if accounts that do not violate usage policies can suddenly be disabled.  I also cannot in good conscience encourage students to sign up for such unreliable services.  Unfortunately, I have quite a few automated scripts for handling student repos so it will take me a while.  This will be the last semester I use these services, and soon I will have relocated all my research code to more reliable services.

Also, so you feel the full brunt of my sting, I was a paying customer.  I will not be renewing next year.  Sadly, I have not choice but to renew for this year.