Flagged Account. Aware Of 221 Thread. 2 Questions

My account was flagged maybe 4 hours ago. I am being proactive on the flagging.

Doing research on flagging, I found 2 things of consternation for me:

  1. In 221 I saw the admin comment saying if by using the form, a reply was not received, to try contacting the support email address.

Why would such a statement have ANY kind of validity. If the form worked, a reply should come (or flag gets rectified. Ideally a reply, no matter the outcome).

It makes me believe that the first method of contact should be emailing support, NOT using the form since the form is presumably unreliable. And if it IS unreliable, then it shouldn’t even be an option.

I know another admin said making multiple form submissions may make the “flag-clearing” take longer. So that makes me wary of even sending an email now, instead of using the form which was made to sound as if it may NOT result in any action.

I have no desire to wait 7 days (like some people have supposedly done) before deciding I need to make another support submission.

There ought to be some support ticket system where one can view the progress of the ticket (opened, viewed, working on it, request for more information, closed, …).

  1. In another admin comment it was requested to “continue the conversation” in the 221 thread, but I see no option to “Reply” to that thread, which is where I would’ve brought up #1.

As a matter of fact (and excuse me for this being my first time in this forum, and I may just be blind), I saw NO indication that the thread was locked while VIEWING the thread. The only indicator I saw was the clear-as-day icon in the list of threads.

But I didn’t come across 221 through the list, but from an Google search.

  1. The third just came to me, though I believe I included it in my form submission…

Should my account be cleared of that flag (which happened on submitting an “issue”), will that “issue” have to be re-created?

I’m leaving that page open so I can copy/paste it if needed, but would hate to have that tab open for 7+ days.

I see it already has a link, but when I view it in incognito, it shows the 404 page.


I can at least answer #3. My account was cleared in about 17 hours and I was able to verify from my own test that I did NOT have to recreate the issue. That is something of a relief.

BUT, the question I originally asked in my form submission about WHY the “bot” flagged my account was NOT answered… “Sometimes our spam detecting systems highlight accounts that need to be manually reviewed.”.

That statement says nothing. An example of “why” would be, “You included a link to a malicious web page”.

That would be the kind of answer I’m looking for, and I know of no possible reason why my account was flagged when submitting an issue.

Knowing the “why” can give YOU the opportunity to alter the “spam detecting systems” so people (including you) wouldn’t have to go through this.

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I can understand your frustration. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

  1. Using the contact form or emailing support both go to the same place. To our knowledge, they are both reliable. Unfortunately, sometimes the backlog of tickets gets high and it takes the support team time to get through it. We do our best to get to everything as quickly as we can. As far as having a system that you can see the status of the ticket goes, I’ll take that feedback to the team.
  2. You have our apologies on the locked topic. We are making corrections to the board to make it more obvious when a topic is locked. But as I mention below, we don’t have any control over or access to whether or not your account is flagged, so private support is the fastest way to get the situation resolved.
  3. As you already discovered, no, nothing needs to be recreated.
  4. For security and privacy reasons, the forum staff don’t have access to your private account details. We don’t know why your account was flagged. If you want to know more, you’ll have to contact private support either through the contact form or via email.

I hope that helps.

Before I follow-up with questions based on your replies (which will determine my approach), there’s one major one I will begin with:

You state “forum staff” and “To our knowledge”… Should I take it that the people here with the flair “MOD” or “ADMIN” have no role/interaction/tie-in with other “employees”(?) of github (eg. the people who clear flags)?

And actually, since another question I had which bears no relevence on your answer to my question above, I will then also ask about that #2 question of mine that wasn’t answered, about the admin who said to continue the conversation on the 221 thread that appeared to have been locked (no reply option).

The admin either shouldn’t have said that, or that thread should not be locked.

I understand that having your account flagged and the resultant interactions with support were very frustrating. This is feedback that we have given and continue to give to the teams in control of the flagging system. But we can’t promise anything or give any sort of ETA on when things might be changed, if they are changed.

Yes, the forum staff has interactions with other GitHub employees. That doesn’t change the fact that if you want to talk about whether your account is flagged or why it might have been flagged you’ll need to contact private support.

You are absolutely correct that they shouldn’t have suggested to continue the conversation or that the topic shouldn’t be locked. We are discussing the appropriate course of action within the team and will be updating our policies accordingly.

I hope that helps.