Flagged account and suggestion to GitHub

Hi, I found plenty of topics about flagged accounts and the reply was always the same, however I wanted to give the following feedback, since from my perspective your current procedure for these kind of situations is flawed.

You have to consider than GitHub has grown so much and it’s so meaningful to some people that you cannot take flagging an account so disorganized as it is currently. In my case I was planning to publish an article and by surprise I entered GitHub and I saw the flagged account notification. Similarly many people’s daily jobs or entire companies depend on their GitHub repository. Essentially think of GitHub like a mini world where you have been granted a position of power, and power should always be fully regularized.

So you are able to understand the point, consider that flagging or disabling an account without giving a notification by email explaining the reasons and the procedures to fix the situation (with timelines) would be the equivalent to sending someone to jail without telling them what law they broke and explaining them that eventually you will tell them what is going on. This would of course not be correct.

I understand that your current terms and conditions allow this to happen, but what I’m claiming is that not all terms and conditions are morally right. It’s not correct to have terms and conditions that say that everything is at the full discretion of the owner. Because everything is so secret and non transparent there is nothing preventing the people that run GitHub from censoring or eliminating an account of someone with whom they might have a conflict. The process should be transparent and eliminate any kind of doubt, thus the customers can trust GitHub as a morally well rooted company.

In my case I have a high suspicion of what triggered the flagged account and I believe the flagging is probably not completely wrong (it’s wrong considering the full context that I’m ready to provide), but I haven’t received any information or response from support after three days. I really need to solve this quick, I hope I can get some kind of response soon.

Can someone from GitHub make a comment, suggestion or accelerate the process? Do you think it’s correct to flag accounts just like that? I really need to fix this, I have an article which I would like to publish this week and I don’t like the idea to publish my library with a flagged account.

Agreed. My organizations account was just flagged and im searching through forums and opened several support tickets. Our entire dev team is unable to work under these conditions. Its already very difficult times with everything going on and we’re just trying to work.

You should NOT just freeze accounts like that! Please resolve this issue for us.