Flagged Account . . . and on holiday break?

Not be be a bit disgruntled here, but our organization’s account just got flagged and I sent a ticket into github support and it warns us of a potential increased delay of getting a response back.  Our org relies on github for our work and now we’re unable to do our work because we’re flagged?  And on top of it all, it may take a while to get it unflagged?  I’ll be honest thats not ok.  If you’re not going to be here to support critical things like not having access to anything, then you had better be here to unflag it.

Love github, but I will be honest, not super loving this issue.  If this doesn’t get resolved soon may have to look elsewhere.

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Hi @uofifox 

When it comes to private account information, we’re unable to provide support via the public Community Forum. It sounds like you’ve already reached out to private support, so that’s great. It’s also good to note that these kinds of issues are high priority for our support team, and we work hard to address them as quickly as possible. You will hear from private support as soon as possible.

Additionally, this topic is already addressed in another thread here. We discourage users from opening duplicate Topics, as it can make it more difficult for other users to find information in the Community Forum.

Thank you for reaching out. You should hear from someone in private support soon, if you haven’t already.

Understood on the issues related to duplicate topics.  I saw in some places where it could take up to several days for the issue to be resolved and wanted to see if anyone else was seeing the same issue we were.  Seemed fairly random and if others had it happen recently at least we would know.  I didn’t see anyone else saying anything.

Its been resolved through private support, but its a little concerning this can just happen on accident.

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Hi @uofifox I totally understand your concern, and that’s party of why we work hard to address these situations as quickly as possible.

In order to best protect our users, we have certain tools in place to catch spam and keep other unwanted/dangerous things off of GitHub. Unfortunately, this does sometimes catch other, non-spammy accounts. As I mentioned, we do prioritize these instances and work to address the issue as quickly as possible.

I’m afraid I can’t get much more detailed than that. If I were to share too much information and word got out, it would be like releasing access to some of our security protocols into the big, wide world. 

Thank you for your understanding. If you have further concerns about your account, I would recommend responding via private email support.

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My Account was also be flagged,I have find many way to contract with administer,but still does not work.hope for the help from administer,thank you very much.

Hi @startdust-studio,

Have you reached out to GitHub support directly? As @nadiajoyce said, flagged accounts are not something we’re able to handle in the GitHub Community Forum due to privacy issues.


Yep, just happened to me as I finished publishing a new project. Spent all afternoon promoting the project and now anyone following a link I posted will get a page-not-found error.

I have contacted Github but who knows how long I’ll have to wait. My tweets and other posts, etc. promoting the project will have long gone by then I’m sure. I see a lot of others have the same issue. Sounds to me like Github needs to tweek their algorithm that shuts down users!

Extremely frustrating!

I posted about having this same issue and that post was shut down because it’s considered a duplicate.

While I understand the desire to reduce the number of duplicate issues here, if Github was to fix the problem then maybe they wouldn’t have so many people posting about the same issue! Github needs to either back off on the aggressiveness of their spam filters, or they need to give the user a warning there is an issue and give them a chance to address it before hiding their profile.

As it is, I’ve lost a day of posting links and promotions trying to make people aware of the project I’ve just published. Everyone who sees those promotions and clicks the link will get a page not found error. So they conclude I must just be an idiot rather than seeing the cool new project I’ve worked so hard on.

This is not right. But I guess it’s not a concern to Github because it doesn’t really cause them any problems.