Flag a pull request "waiting review (again)"

  1. I make a pull request.

  2. Someone requests changes.

  3. I make those changes.

How can I flag the pull request as “Review Required” again? It stays on “Changes Requested”, even though the changes have been made.


When someone requests changes here is what appen with the pull request:

So you make change and if you have permission you can approve changes:

If you don’t have permission, you have to wait or ask to someone reviews.

hope i help.

Sounds useful, always looking to make my life easier managing a lot of open source repos. What we do at the sensu-plugins org that I have seen a lot of people do is manage this manually with a label of “Status: Awaiting Feedback” I have seen others also use “Feeback Requested” which is what we previously used before doing a whole new label strategy to help users and maintainers understand where an issue or pull request is in it’s lifecycle.

I think this has been implemented now: https://help.github.com/en/articles/about-pull-request-reviews