First time publishing a react app to gh-pages...nothing loads.

This is my first time publishing a react app to gh-pages and its not showing up at all. I see that there is some reference to it in the inspector but I can’t figure out why its not displaying.

I followed this guide to get it running and in my mind the logic is all there but being new to react and gh-pages with react I’m not 100% sure.

I believe I’m serving the page from my main branch since the package.json file in main points to the link below as the “homepage”.

The page that is supposed to load: React App

The links in your HTML are all absolute with a /Sparky-code/ prefix, which doesn’t exist under your pages domain. I recommend using relative URLs only (so it works no matter under which prefix if any you deploy), and if you want to use absolute links they must fit the URL where your app is deployed (, so absolute URLs would have to start with /safecracker/).

and the GitHub Page is already hosting but,

you can take a look at the Developer Tools to see those errors