First time Github user - trying to work out how to use it for SQL Server

Hi all

I have just started using Github today. Im not a developer or anything, just learning stuff at home, so go easy on me :grin:

Where I work, we use a Microsoft Dynamics ERP application. The data for it is stored in SQL Server 2012 database. I am not allowed to mess with any of the tables/views/etc that come with Dynamics. But I do occasionally create my own views, stored procedures, functions, etc. I also have a couple of my own databases on there, used for reporting purposes.

I am the only ‘SQL’ person at my company, and the only software person too. Although I am officially employed as a Finance Manager.

How do I go about using Github to track all the items I create in SQL Sever?
Do I need a repository for each view I create? Or is each view I create a branch?
I dont think there is a need for me to have a Dev branch, and a Master branch, etc, but I could be wrong?

All help most appreciated with this. I have nobody at work to ask these questions of, and I would only get a blank look if I mentioned Github


Hi @stokey-uk welcome to the community!
I would start here with this article about version control for your database.