First steps in connection what do I do wrong

Hi Everybody
I used github documentation to set up the board within arduino
I connected the RobotDyn D1R2 controler board to charger, and connected the data wire between the RGB Led strip and the controller board.
I wrote a simple code under a new sketch and saved it makes a blinking a dot and fades out the color of the dot.
When I load the sketch it says fast led h:207:2, error : static assertion failed: invalid pin specified.
I connected to digital pin 6, so why do i get it!?
Do i have to have something in my sketch file folder, or shall i test something, simply it Looks the board lights green so it got connected to com3, but why cannot i load the sketch from the computer to the controler board and Led strip where the data wire is connected to?

I would appreciate your feedback

I checked it out. The basic failed. Gpio no 4 was not employed as it should have been done on the beginning. Now the sketch gets loaded to com3 by it behaves strange.
1hakf of test meter of the Led strip sk6812 blinks as it wants whereas the other lights steadly, not at all i intended in the program.
It still the connection that makes this?