First GitHub action in the entire organization does not push package to


I have a public organization called HolismReact and in it, I have a WebRtc repository. I have built an action to build and deploy a docker image to

I have done the same with my private repositories inside my private organization. And they are getting built with no problem.

However, this one is not getting built. And it complains that:

denied: permission_denied: write_package
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

And here is the job steps to push:

      - name: Log in to GitHub Container Repository
        run: |
          echo "${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}" | docker login -u ${{ }} --password-stdin
      - name: Push the image
        run: |
          docker push

I even checked a lot of configurations between my private organization and this one, but I could not find why it does not have access because all of my configurations are the same for both organizations.

How can I fix this?