Firmware for AWS iot for QCA4010 module

  1. I got the error as below during step " 2. Build the IoT demo. cd demo/aws/ make"

/home/firdaus/xtensa/XtDevTools/install/tools/RE-2013.3-linux/XtensaTools/bin/xt-ld: cannot open linker script file sdk_shell.ld: No such file or directory
make: *** [/home/firdaus/qca4010-tx-2-1_qca_oem_1-5mb-mesh.git/target/image/aws_demo.out] Error 2

What should I do?

  1. How can I get the  "  raw_flashimage_AR401X_REV6_IOT_MP1_hostless_ap+sta_mcc+aws_singleband_4bitflas** h.bin **"  file?

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  1. How can I setup the QCA4010 module to connect with wifi?

  2. Any specific command do I need to use?