Firebase deploy works in the console but not in bitbucket pipeline

I’m trying to deploy my webapp to firebase hosting through a bitbucket pipeline, It’s not deploying correctly in the pipeline but in the console it works no problem. This is what I do in the console:

npm run build
firebase login:ci
firebase deploy --project $PROJECT_NAME

In the pipeline I’m running this YAML script:

image: node:10.15.3

        - step:
            name: Install and Build App
              - node
              - npm install
              - CI=false npm run build
              - build/
        - step:
            name: Deploy App to Firebase
            deployment: production
              - pipe: atlassian/firebase-deploy:0.6.0
                  KEY_FILE: $KEY_FILE
                  PROJECT_ID: $PROJECT_ID

I think it might have to do with the .firebaserc but I’m not sure. this is the .firebaserc:

firebase target:apply hosting $PROJECT_ID $DOMAIN

Maybe someone can shed some light on why this isn’t working, I’m new to pipeline scripts and I don’t really see the issue, it succeeds in deploying to firebase hosting but It’s not working at all on the actual domain.