Firebase Cloud Messaging / GameMakerStuido2

I am using GameMakerStudio2 (gml) with Android.

I am trying to add notifications to my mobile app via FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). I did exactly what it was said to do in the article (you can see the down), unfortunately whenever I try to run a " Test" notification my app closes and no notification is displayed (I did get the token from the output and put it in). I also get a output " error" (I would say because I don’t understand it yet). I will leave a link to it (

Since the blog post is new (…-Remote-Push-Notifications-Using-Firebase-FCM), I couldn’t find any solution in google or here in the forum and I don’t understand Java that well enough to do it myself.

I am looking forward to finding a solution to this problem sooner!  :)