Fingerprint JS Version 1.8 - Many False Positives

Hello all

I have fingerprint js 1.8 installed on production.

I have only selected the following attributes in the hope it would be stable…

  1. Language
  2. Color Depth
  3. Screen Resolution
  4. Timezone
  5. CPU Class
  6. Plattform (OS)
  7. Device Memory.

With those parameters I am facing a lot of problems (False positives). It is clear that if someone logs in with a new browser and same device, that the fingerprint is different as the displaying of the attributes depends from browser to browser massively.
However if someone logs in with the same browser and same device it shouldnt… but I experienced this quiet a lot.

Just to provide one example: If someone logs into your “webshop” or page with an IE Explorer with a zoom in of 150% of the screen, it will be recognized as a different device than it would be if you have no “zoom in” or “zoom out” and stay at the default level. The screen resolution attribute will be changed…

This problem I have just identified with IE. All the other broswer stay stable.

Therefore I wanted to ask what are the main differences regarding accrucay between 1.8 and the version 2.1 or even the 3er versions? I think before version 3 there was no difference between pro and open source version, right? But now it seems to be… Has anyone details regarding the Accuracy?

Geolocation info etc. I am handling with a different plugin and my questions is only related to the 7 attributes above.

A quick feedback would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much

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