Finding all files of a certain filetype

Hi all you helpful folks!

I am currently building an application, for which I would like to find public pcb schematic files on GitHub. Therefore, I built a crawler that performs the following two steps:

  1. Find all repositories containing either ‘kicad’ or ‘pcb’ in their description (using repository search)

  2. Search those repositories for files that have ‘.kicad_pcb’ in their path (using code search)

This way, I can find around 10,000 files that were published between 2015 and now. Can anyone think of a better way to retrieve this info? I had a look at, but it seems that there is no event type which contains information on the filenames/files included in a commit/repo.


I would say that this is probably the most efficient way to do what you want. Let us know if you have more questions.