Find User on GitHub using my name without permissions

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Hi @Adnstudio95-Belgique :wave:t2:

We really appreciate you flagging this and sorry for the inconvenience caused. The best route to get this to the proper GitHub team is to use our Guide to Submitting a DMCA Takedown Notice

This guide describes the information that GitHub needs in order to process a DMCA takedown request. If you have more general questions about what the DMCA is or how GitHub processes DMCA takedown requests, please review our DMCA Takedown Policy.

Thank you,

The GitHub Community Forum Team

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Also, yelling in all caps and threatening volunteers helping others out in a public forum isn’t really a nice way of handling things. I’m sorry if you feel your rights have been infringed, but no one here on the forum did that to you. Try to calm down a bit.

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