FIND not working with latest runner

As a part of my workflow the find command is being used like this:

find "target/release" -maxdepth 1 -type f -exec cp '{}' artifacts /;

It seemed to work fine for a while but with the latest runner there is an error being returned:

FIND: Parameter format not correct

Working build 
Failed build 
The runner version has been updated between these two builds. Perhaps that’s the reason?

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Hi @lionel1704 ,

I notice it’s already resolved by adding path for ‘find’ command( ‘/usr/bin/find’).  As you mentioned, this should be caused by the update of Github hosted-runner, bash cannot find the correct ‘find’ command without path specified.

In bash command,  it should use ‘/usr/bin/find’ which is the correct one.


There’s a bug for the virtual environments team filed here with more discussion on this issue:

You can see the workaround we did for the actions/runner here:

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