final blog url; post won't appear using Jekyll theme

I completed the GitHub Pages course. I had already created a GitHub Page at The course creates another website/blog at It is the former repository & url ( that is supposed to house our permanent website/blog, correct?

I created a new post in the repository, as we did in the Pages course. It is in my master branch. However, a link to it didn’t appear on my website ( until I tried changing the theme from a Jeykll one (jekyll-theme-minimal) to ‘minima’. What’s going on here? How can I both use a Jekyll theme & get my blog posts to appear?


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Hi @kbfreder! If I’m understanding correctly, you’re asking about why a link to your new post didn’t appear while you were using the jekyll-theme-minimal theme.

minimia, the theme you switched to, is a Jekyll theme, but one of the core differences between the two is how they show blog posts, as you’ve seen. minimia is also a Jekyll theme, even though it isn’t one of the standard template choices when you first create a Jekyll site using GitHub Pages. If you’d like to switch back to jekyll-theme-minimal, but have different behavior than happens natively, you might be able to find more information in their documentation here:

@kbfreder Does this answer your questions? 

@brianamarie Yes, it gets me pointed in the right direction. Thank you!

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I am also facing the same problem.

The post link doesn’t appear in the front page although the format is followed and the course is successfully completed.