Filtering workflow runs by job completition

So I recently updated my repo to remove all third party accessible Personal Access Tokens after reading about what an awful security risk it is.

As a result, I’ve also streamlined my build process into one workflow, because the Github Token can’t cause another action to start, so the “check for updates” part had to be put in the same workflow with the “rebuild the site” part.

Problem is, now there’s now no way to filter my workflow runs for only the times when it rebuilds the site. I can do it manually by looking at the workflow run time, but that doesn’t really work if you want to filter weeks of workflow runs.

The easy way would be to just type something like job: deployment && status: success in the filter bar, but I don’t believe you can filter on the job level, only the workflow level.

And I would be happy to implement some kind of tagging if there was a way to filter on the tags.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hoping folks will take another look at this

Would love for someone to just take a look at this and give me their thoughts. It seems like there should be a way to filter based on the status of a job rather than just the status of the overall workflow.

I’ve also submitted it to github support but haven’t heard anything back yet.