Filtering project board by language (or at least by substrings in repo names)

Problem To Solve
I’d like to look at a board and only see issues concerning repos of the language I’m concerned with. I was hoping I could filter by repo language. Alternatively, since all our repos are either prefixes with “go-” or “js-”, I was hoping I could filter by repo name substring. Per Filtering cards on a project board - GitHub Docs , neither of these appear to be supported.

Does anyone have any ideas? For now, I just have a card as a “divider” for each language. If this should be a feature request, where do I submit it?

I help facilitate weekly triage sessions for public repos under our organization. During this triage process, we select issues to tackle that week as “part of maintenance rotations”. We have a “maintenance projects” board (example) that we assign these issues to. In our case, issues tend to be either Go or JS and we have different people focused on different languages.