Filtering by 'project' syntax not working


When using the ‘add cards’ issue search functionality to add issues to a new project the search filter does not appear to be functioning as expected. When passing in a value like project:repo_name/2 it returns all issues.

Additionally, when attempting to search for projects in our organization usign the same syntax nothing is returned.

I am following the recomendation from the searching issues documentation found here:

Thanks for reaching out.

Using the project:repo_name/2 syntax is for searching for issues that already appear on that repository’s project board, specifically the project board with ID 2. Thus it won’t give you the results that you seem to want when searching for issues to add a card for.

Additionally, there isn’t a special syntax you need to search for project boards in your organization. You can go to the search box at the top of the page on, type in the search text and press Enter. This will filter the list of project boards to the ones that match your search text.

I hope that helps!