Filtered repository_dispatch events marked as "failed"

My case is similar to this:

Previously other jobs were canceled that was visualized with gray straked sign. Currently all triggered workflows except the one with proper name (let say ‘deploy.a’) are makred as **failed**. This bug is extremly ennoying because this triggers failed workflow notification.

What is more, when you click on the skipped workflow **the last sucessfull workflow of this name is shown**. Is it known?

So I got many emaiil notifications about failed pipelines even if it was not failed but just skipped, and then clicking on link from the email, it shows me successfull job!

Currently I’m forced to code my own notifation system and send emails from the code when a workflow is *really* failed. Could you provide any ETA for bringing previous behavior or implementing feature requested in the link above?

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I’m also experience this behaviour and find it rather annoying. I hope that this gets fixed soon because my notification area is flooded with false negatives on each deploy.

A little off-topic, but I’m not sure if this forum is the right place to report such issues and I would love to hear from a moderator or GitHub employee if there was a better place?