Filter to hide team review requests


In our organisation we add teams automatically to PRs in a way someone from those teams HAVE to approve in order to merge the PR.
The problem is being part of those teams. Every single PR gets into the notifications, which makes it almost unusable.
I’d like to be able to hide team review requests but still show reviews when they add me specifically. Almost the same as the team mentions, but for reviews.


Hey there @acroca, and welcome to the GitHub Support Community! :sunglasses:

There are a number of qualifiers for filtering pull requests based on their review status, including one for teams requested for review:


You can prefix that search qualifier with a dash to exclude all results that are matched by that qualifier:


Does that help with what you’re looking to do? :thought_balloon:

Hi Francis, Thank you for the answer.

My issue is with the notifications list, it gets really noisy and I can’t find a way to filter out those.