Filter organization's repository list based on team?

Is there a way to filter my organization’s repository list based on team name (either include or exclude)? For example, my organization has 145 repositories. My team has 43 repositories assigned correctly to it. However, there are 45 repositories that should be assigned to my team. How do I quickly find the 2 missing repositories so they can be assigned correctly? 

As an owner of an organization, you can:

  1. Go to the organization’s page at
  2. Click the Teams tab
  3. Select a team from the list
  4. Click the Repositories tab

This will list the repositories that the team does have access to. There is no way that I know of to list the inverse through the UI. Though you can click the “Add Repository” button and type a single letter to list the matching repositories, which will not include any of the repositories that the team is currently assigned to.

I hope that helps!