Filter Clone + Commit


I am working on a large repository, which I need to clone with a --no-checkout flag (or it takes a while to download the gigs in there). I use:

git clone --filter=blob:none --no-checkout

I then checkout the one file I need to edit via:
git checkout origin/main “path/to/file”

All of the above works just as expected. I then update the file, and do:
git reset
git add path/to/file

Still good.

On the commit is where the issue comes. I get an endless stream of responses that look like this:

I am clearly doing something wrong, but not sure what it is :).

git version 2.31.1 ; file in question is a binary (zip), if it matters!

Just adding a little more context here:
When I do my commit (of the single file, theoretically), it is doing a git checkout . (i…e, checkout everyting).

What I am missing is - why, and is there any way to avoid that behavior? In this case, I want to edit a single file (or folder), and then commit those changes. Why would a full checkout of all files be relevant in that case?