Filter by run id

Is it possible to filter workflows by github.run_id and github.run_number on the Actions tab?

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Hi @chingc 

It’s not possible. I’m on the engineering team that owns the Actions tab. Could you share how those filters would help your use case?


Hi @mscoutermarsh 

We use a service called BrowserStack to help run some of our integration tests.  There are times when a lot of tests are running, so we use the run_id as an identifier on BrowserStack to help identify which GitHub Actions build the test is coming from.  But finding the GHA build when we have the run_id is a bit harder.  The filtering function doesn’t accept a run_id and the value isn’t on the page anywhere so using Ctrl-F also doesn’t work.

My current workaround is just to bookmark<repo>/actions/runs/<run_id>

Thanks for the quick response.

Is there any update on this?

If you need more use cases we are supplying run id to another github action as apart of our CI workflow.
There are artifacts in the first repository that we pulling by using the run_id to select the run.

When debugging or manually triggering the workflows there is no way besides going into each workflow run to find the run_id. As a key identifier in the workflows it makes sense to add the ability to filter it.
In fact the filter is a bit limiting as it is anyway:

Thank you!