Filenames get truncated when too long

Since a few weeks, when reviewing a PR, file names appear to be truncated:

I guess this behavior appear with the new “Viewed” button at the right of the filename.

It is particularly annoying in a Java project where files are nested in deep packages, and there is no way to tell which file I’m reviewing. The only way I found to display the full filename is to hover the truncated name for a while and wait for the tooltip to appear.

Is there any way to display the full file path as it was before?



Hi @ndionisi!

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll pass that on to our product team. I can’t say if or when that might be changed, but if it is, it will be announced in the GitHub Changelog.


Yes this is annoying and it is still not fixed after 1.5 years in 2021.

One workaround to this issue is to use the tools in the browser to change the styling for the class which controls the width of the filename element. I increased the width of .col-md-2 to 75% and the full filename was visible.

.col-md-2 {
width: 75%;