File not found error when the file exists (Pacman)

The file is found with a glob and even $ ls, yet apparently doesn’t exist? I can’t reproduce this in my own container and am fairly confident it’s not an issue with pacman (I see no similar reported issues, can’t reproduce in a local Docker container).


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Hi @nihaals,

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The issue should be due to the artifacts are not download properly. The download package size is only 4096 which is not correct.

I notice you have download the artifacts to another folder ‘pkg’, and then copy the package to dist for command repo-add, it resolved the issue, confirmed on my side.

Besides, you can raise an issue here for action ‘actions/download-artifact’, dev team will help to check and fix.


I somehow managed to miss the bold text in the docs saying that when downloading all artefacts they are placed in subdirectories and I was attempting to use the directory as a file

Thanks @nihaals! :grinning:

Checked the file details:

And the bold text here for any guy who encounter same problem:
If the name input parameter is not provided, all artifacts will be downloaded. To differentiate between downloaded artifacts, a directory denoted by the artifacts name will be created for each individual artifact.