File not found but file is there

Hi! So I recently makes a website and hosted it via Github pages,but when viewing my website,I clicked a button that was labeled Tsuderes but it gave me a 404 error,I was confused because I could see the folder and file is there,I checked the redirect path and it is correct,I even asked some experienced people about my issue and they can’t figure it out as well,heres a link to my res: website link: when pressing the Tsunderes button it gives a 404 but the folder and file is there,the redirect link is also correct,this works with other folders just not this one

Hello @Ivan-Da-Dev,
“Tsuderes” is a hyperlink not a button in your index.html file.

change current (<a id="tsundere" href="./tsundere/tsundere.html" style="text-decoration: none;">Tsunderes</a>) to as other button as below:

<button id="tsunderes" onclick="redirect("./tsunderes/tsunderes.html")">tsunderes</button>

yes I have used that before but it doesn’t work so I changed it to and it still doesn’t work.I’ll change it now and you could see that it doesn’t work

also although I have a 404.html page,when I clicked the tsundere button it displays github’s 404 page and not mine

I see. what can be the issue here?
Other subdirectories are working properly.

This may be helpful:

Does the same problem occur while running it on localhost?

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This was really puzzling, but it looks as though you have another pages repository that is interfering with the tsundere folder name - causing anything in that folder to 404.

@Ivan-Da-Dev if you rename/unbuilt/delete the tsundere repository, I think that should fix the problem.

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