Fiasco when updating gpg key

So, I have a bit of a problem. My keys expired. I tried updating them using a guide. However, I think I did something wrong and fucked everything up. I have tried ten thousand things, most of which I do not remember, and most of which I probably should not have done, so I will summarize:

(1) created new key with gpg and added to github
(2) deleted old key from gpg and github (because my understanding was this is what was preventing me from committing)
(3) updated git settings to use new key

My present issue is this error:

gpg: skipped “…”: No secret key

At this point I don’t even care about signing the commits anymore. I just want to be able to commit. My brain is totally fried at this point. How do I fix this???

This sounds like you either deleted the new secret key, too, or the old key is still configured in Git. For future reference, there’s no need to delete the old key anywhere (and even dangerous, if you used the key for anything other than signing). It’s enough to tell Git to use the new key for signing with the user.signingkey setting.