Feedback to recent dark theme changes

So… I have the chance to use the new “high contrast dark theme” and it’s something.

But the new theme option is not the only thing I want to share my feedback on, so here we go:

Issues with new dark theme

One thing I dislike a lot about the new “high contrast dark theme” (Which I call “contrast” from now on for simplicity sake) is, that things like avatars have this white outline, which may not sound bad at first, but at places like the dropdown on the top right does it look pixel-ish/blurry and really is more distracting than helpful.


As you can see is the outline on the avatar a bit unnecessary and the fact that the avatar in general is that small doesn’t help much.

Status label changes are bad

The “labels” which show the status of an Issue or Pull request also seem to have changed.
I first assumed it was only for the contrast theme to match its overall style more closely, but switching back to the normal dark theme (Not the dimmed one) showed me, that it seems to be a change towards all themes… And I hate it.

I really enjoyed the Neon-like style with the outline and text being bright and the fill being a less opaque/saturated colour, but the new one is just… bad.

For example do I not like the white text on the red background of a “Closed” label. It’s just harder to read.

Here is a quick comparison I was able to make since I (luckily) had a tab open before changing the theme:

Old Design

New Design

Both have been taken using the dark theme, so if the new label design should only be set for contrast, should this be treated as a bug, since things such as issue/PR labels still have this neon-like style that I really enjoy.
The neon-style is really my most favourite part about the dark theme. It feels quite modern. The new label design however feels like someone wants to jump onto the “Simplify” train like all the logos that became a victim of this horrible trend.

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Actually testing out enabling and disabling of the feature preview changes the label back to its old state alongside other changes I now noticed.

For example is enabling the feature preview causing icons and some text to appear more bright than before (Just turns into a straight up white) which I really doubt is intentional here. I talk about the dark theme btw, meaning these colour changes I mentioned happen in that particular theme.

I agree. To my eyes, it’s a bit too bright. However, it looks like they’ve already changed it to black on pale red (?).

Also, I thought the new button colors looked weird at first:

…but it seems they actually have significantly better contrast than white on green: black on green, white on green. Perhaps the black background is to blame? Or, maybe my eyes are just weird :slight_smile:

The new changes is amazing thanks for the news :sunglasses:

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Hi folks, thanks for the feedback.

As mentioned in Feature Preview and in the GitHub Changelog post, you may notice color bugs with other themes when you have the Feature Preview enabled, this is because we made some infrastructure changes. If these bugs are disruptive, you can disable the Feature Preview again.

We’ll be working on ironing out those bugs before we publish, though we may make minor tweaks to some themes that should feel like improvements by the time we’ve finished. We’re happy to hear feedback on all themes, but you should see iterative improvements over the next month or so, so stay tuned!

Hey broccolini,

Just want to mention, that this issue seems to have reappeared now…
The status labels for issues and Pull requests now have - again - a completely filled colour rather than a semi-transparent fill, which looks bad IMO.

I do use the normal dark theme (not high contrast) and for me do those status labels not look really well with everything else. It’s more distracting than appealing.
If this is an intentional change would I like to know why? If it isn’t then I hope that a fix will be deployed in the near future.

Example of the current look: