Feedback on Dark Mode High Contrast

The pre-formatted code with backticks is extremely hard to see. Its a general problem with dark mode, but would love to see high contrast fix this.

In here this screenshot the 07 background is very low contrast.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 13.57.10

I find that somehow there is less contrast in high contrast mode. In normal dark mode, parts of the page actually differentiate from each other. In “high contrast” mode, all of the extremely bright parts just mash all together and actually reduce the contrast as well as the legibility.

Neat idea, pretty awful in practice.

The new feature - “Dark Mode High Contrast” has certain pros and cons.

Pros: It solidifies the text well and makes it easy to read in dark mode.

Cons: As compared to normal Dark Mode, this mode seems to be more purest shade of Black and White. It doesn’t makes any visual difference between the content inside the box and outside the box. As a result, it seems quite uncomfortable working and using GitHub in this mode.

MacOS high contrast mode has broken sizing compared to other modes, generally visible in outlines and line heights in issues. As far as the visual aid for colourblind people I don’t think the contrast is enough, I just don’t think you should combine “dark mode” (branding) with “high contrast” (visual aid).

Branding wise we have light and dark mode, the other modes are visual aids for the impaired and should not be used by normal users. IMO If you want inclusivity, add a 3rd option letting users create something like a .github-themes repo and let people go wild (like community guidelines and dotfiles) …

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As someone who is severely visually impaired I have significant interest in anything that makes Reading text on electronic devices easier. However testing the high contrast mode is a different matter as my eyesight is causing me big accessibility problems with something a simple working out how how to reply to this thread.

Apologies if there’s any typos or random words inpost this is due to Google’s text to speak engine.

I’M IN THE UK. AND ONE THING IS FOR SURE!!! I don’t think any tech companies EG. Microsoft, Google Amazon Apple BT EE, Vodafone etc etc list is endless.




All are breaking the law!.!

sorry for the rant. it’s just so frustrating that this DISCRIMINATION still goes on, nearly 4 decades after law was passed to stop it.


Enabling high contrast in dark mode messed with the chrome extension “Better Pull Requests” and changed the highlight color to red in the feature’s divs.

The high contrast is difficult for me to use since I get migraines from large differences in brightness next to each other - it’s also pretty eye strainy. I’d like github to keep the old dark mode (or even offer a less high contrast dark mode).

Adding this as an additional option, as long as it’s not replacing the current dark mode, seems like it could be useful to others though!

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Thanks for sharing your feedback @Alexandros-Kordatzakis! Our first high contrast mode has been designed with accessibility in mind to make text, borders and other foreground UI elements really stick out from the black background. It’s not on our public roadmap yet, but we are considering doing an additional high contrast theme that is between regular dark mode and our current high contrast mode!

Hi @darrellr5044 - thanks for sharing your feedback, and I deeply apologize for the GitHub community site not being accessible, much less usable. As of last year, we as GitHub started on what will be a multi-year and ongoing effort to make GitHub accessible. Over the last 6 months we have been hiring across disciplines to build a new core Accessibility team. We are also halfway through accessibility testing for over 1200 core user scenarios that will serve as the foundation for our accessibility roadmap. We have a long journey ahead of us, but are excited about the opportunity to truly live up to our vision of being the home for all developers.

Hi 0-vortex, thanks for reaching out! We have red/green colorblind themes coming in September and built the underlying system for our themes in a way that would allow us to do custom themes in the future… so stay tuned!

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