Feedback on Dark Mode High Contrast

I’ve had issues(sensory processing) with high contrast themes(Discord) in the past, so it’s not to my taste. However, I could absolutely see this being useful for people with other sight differences where higher contrast is easier to read, distinguish or just plain look at. Absolutely a good addition!


I did not see a difference with Dark Mode High Contrast. Not sure if it is working. Tried refreshing the github page.


In Dark Mode High Contrast it is very difficult to see words highlighted with the Preformatted text characters. So in pull requests when code is written with this it blends into the background.

@jbwyatt4 You probably have to still select the appearance setting after enabling the feature. There is a clear difference.

For me the theme looks quite nice, except the contrast between the background and the bright text is too much, and it makes it harder to read than the regular dark theme. I’m not sure if this is intended for specific accessibility reasons? If not then for me it would be better to tone down the font color a bit.

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The brightening of the text on the tabs of a github repository is welcomed, but I don’t think the darkening of the icon next to it is necessary. It makes it fairly difficult to see against the background.

The High contrast mode is not calm on the eye but that could be a personal preference. I find it very anxiety inducing.

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CSS on repository name validation was messed up.

I’m using Chrome and it’s not working for me, still don’t know why

The theme as a whole is fairly nice. However, I would say that the green and red are, in my opinion, horrendous and very unpleasing to the eye. This is something which might just take some time getting used to, but from first sight, I would say that it is not something which I myself would enjoy having as my default theme.

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This is my only problem with the new High Contrast Dark Mode, and that is everything that is not a shade of black (i.e: Text, Images, and Sections) is extremely grainy in appearance, unlike the normal dark mode. Instead of the smoothness normal themes have, it has very sharp edges and can seem low-res while still being the opposite in clarity. If the sharp graininess were fixed, I would rate the HCDM an 8.5/10


I turned on this feature via “Feature Preview” window. But instead of switching to high contrast dark theme my light theme became high contrast (and ugly). A lot of people here seems to have same issue.

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So, I was never a fan of high contrast themes, but since I can try it, i will. I have to say that I still prefer the Dark Dimmed theme overall after about an hour in total of using this new theme. Why:

  • It gives a very “sharp” look for code, to the point that some older monitors with less resolution and lack of HDR+ features would find, I don’t know, tiring…?
  • I just don’t like the white lines which “break” the Dark Mode. I understand that that’s the point of “high contrast” themes. But I don’t like it. That’s not Dark Mode for me.
  • Finally, I believe the text is getting harder to read, since it already is in bright colors (red, cyan, etc.) and with a Black Background with White lines and Brighter White text (Titles, Descriptions, etc.)… It’s just too much for me… Again, I found this tiring after a bit.

The Code Higlights are the same as in all other Dark Modes (Dark Dimmed, Default Dark) so at least it blends well with the “Black”.

I know people who really like contrast themes, to the point that they use the Windows High-Contrast Dark Theme (Ew…) and I can bet they’d use this GitHub Theme now.

It’s really well made, as everything GitHub does.
I just don’t personally like it.


You’d have to Enable the Feature Preview AND go over Settings -> Appearance -> Dark High Contrast to properly enable it.

@vegassor You’d have to Enable the Feature Preview AND go over Settings -> Appearance -> Dark High Contrast to properly enable it.

I use Dark High Contrast only when I dont have enough light around me, I believe it helps my eyes not being "drippy" But its my personal experence.

Windows High-Contrast is like the highest level from all existing contrasts… It`s for truly lovers

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I, too, couldn’t switch for a long time and didn’t understand what the problem was. And everywhere it is written Settings → Appearance → Dark High Contrast. But also you need to change “Sync with system” to “Single theme” and there you can choose Dark High Contrast.

This theme reminded me of google sheets. When you select all the cells and stroke each one.
It was interesting to use it, but not at all to my taste. For people with poor eyesight, it will probably be useful.

Hi, currently when I try to create a new repo, this error is happening, the green box thingy is behind the text.

Captura de pantalla 2021-07-06 171733


Looks okay for the most part, but there should be alternate pallets of high contrast, instead of just mostly white on black w/ greens added in.

Disclaimer: Although, I prefer to use the dark dimmed theme myself, and not in need of the highest contrast possible.