Feedback: Local time and test builds

I’ve used GitHub Actions couples times, so i’m more a casual rather than heavy user, but here are two things i see recurring every time i use them:

  • I want to know the time (my local time) at which crons are going to run. Sometimes i end up waiting 24 for the first build to happen, then based on that time i fix the time so the next ones is triggered correctly.

  • The very first thing i want to do after creating a new Action is to test it, so it would be helpful to have a “test build” action that skips the cron and executes the action right away.

BTW: Congrats to the teams involved, GitHub Actions is an amazing feature!

I’ve solved that in one of my workflows by adding a workflow_dispatch trigger:

    - cron: '10 3 * * SAT'

That way I can manually run the workflow to test it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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