Feedback: homogenous github favicon & doc loops

I’m currently having a stab at implementing an action and I’m really struggling. 

I am finding it extremely hard to follow the docs, but then I’m more of a learn-by-example kinda person, and most of the examples in the wild use the old HCL format.

I totally get that all this is new & beta though - so here are two specific things that are getting in my way, which are actually nothing to do with the feature / implementation of actions:

  1. homogenous github favicon

After about an hour of trying to work on actions, I ended up with a tab bar that looks like this:

Some of these tabs are github action documentation, some of them are pages on this community, one of them is the tab with my repository actions screen where I need to go to check if my latest “trial and error approach push” did something useful…

It’s impossible to distinguish between them! I’ve never before found myself clicking between tabs so much unable to find the one I need. It’s frustrating because it’s unnecessary confusion.

I suggest making it possible to distinguish between github repos, github docs, github community and a tab that has an action open in it - ideally that last one would be a red or green favicon like travisci does. I get that branding is important - even just different coloured icons would be really useful.

  1. Documentation flow 

Much like clicking around tabs in circles, I’m finding myself going in circles in the docs because there isn’t a flow from one page to the next:

Assume you start here:

Each page in this is kind of in order, but each page doesn’t link to the next. Also, each page has a callout at the top that links to the first article and this top-level article. 

Meanwhile links from elsewhere that have moved are being redirected to this top level article e.g.

I seem to keep going on journeys through the docs and ending up back on either the top level or that first post again!

So far my testing with actions it looks like they are super powerful and insanely robust, so I don’t have any feedback on the feature, but these meta-details are stopping me making progress with creating something useful.


Totally agree with that! A readthedocs format would be way better.

Hi @erisds

Thank you for being here and our apologies for taking so long to reply. We appreciate your very detailed feedback. We’re always working to make our documentation better and I’ve taken your suggestions and passed it along to the appropriate teams. We’re looking forward to seeing you around!