Feedback: comments in dark mode are poorly legligable

I’ve used dark theme on GitHub for several weeks, but than switched back to a light one. The reason for that is that I spend a lot of time writing and reading comments, and, in the dark theme, this is just hard on the eyes. I think part of the problem is 14 font size, which is just too small, but there might be some other typography tricks.

Note that I am a long-time user of dark themes in Discoures and Gmail, and they don’t suffer from this problem. Here are a couple of screenshots:

Gmail dark:

Discourse dark:

GitHub dark:

I highly suggest using Amino extension for chrome,
You can override any css rule including font size and background color

I for my part don’t experience those issues, so it’s probably down to personal preferences and experience.

The examples you showed all have a thing in common: They either have a light text box (GMail) or a brighter grey background (Discourse).

I personally like the current setup of GitHub’s dark theme and as mentioned before don’t suffer the same issues as you do, so maybe it’s also down to your PC/Screen setup and eye conditions?

The new “dark dimmed theme” solves the problem for me: