Featured Event: The Noops Challenge


_ The Noops Challenge _

20 incredible machines, tuned to perfection.

Tuned to do…absolutely nothing.

Play with code this summer, there’ll be challenges for people of all skill levels, backgrounds, and languages/frameworks of choice!

All Community Forum members who complete one or more challenges by 11:59pm PT on July 5th will receive a limited edition Noops Challenge badge on their Community Forum profile. Learn more about GitHub Community Forum badges and how to obtain them.


Challenges will be posted weekly and run from June 11, 2019, to July 5, 2019.


2019 Summer Code Challenge: Meet the Noops

More Information:

To find out more, visit the Noops Challenge page and be sure to join fellow challengers in discussion on the challenge topics posted below or check out the Events board to see each weekly event.


Challenges will be live mid day PST June 11, 2019.

Ready to talk to fellow challengers? Share, play, and collaborate. Join the conversation for each challenge!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Continue to check this post for the weekly challenges!


I can’t wait :slight_smile:


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Cant wait for the start :-D. Suggest change > add time for different time zones.


Fizz fizz buzz buzz interactive client implementation in golang here.

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I can’t wait to contribute better here. I love this place.

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My hexbot is here !

"result": "interview complete",
"grade": "A+",
"elapsedSeconds": 0,
"message": "Congratulations!\nYou completed the interview in 0 seconds.\nThat was unbelievably fast!\n"

bot versus a bot! thats how its done 

checkout my repo https://github.com/ars75/fizzbot

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I used this opportunity to do a mini-walkthrough on how to download and use Postman to access an API (like the Hexbot one). 

I hope this content is useful for a totally brand-spanking-new beginner to have a little fun with it:



Here is my repo, I’m a noob to API so I probably done it in the most ineffective way possible: https://github.com/BlankFaces/hexbot

So far only two functions:

Saves the hex to a 100 x 100 image to a directory

Gets 10,000 hex values, sorts them and saves the results, looks really good when a nice seed is added to the request

I’m planning on adding other stuff but not sure fully what to do


The description of Noops is misleading. I already found 2 Noops which are not APIs (Golfbot and Cambot):

They’re each a black box, an API that emits a stream of data we want you to work with.

This, too:

All our Noops have simple APIs for you to play with.

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This looks amazing! Super excited to try it out

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Are all the challenges in javascript? Or is that just the getting started guide info?

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I’m kinda late! :sweat_smile:
But Within 20 minutes , I created a XKCD Comic Fetcher With Hexbot :
[Requires : BeautifulSoup, Pillow , json]
(Tested On Ubuntu , Python 3)

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"Up down left right discussion " link is broken

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Thanks for reporting it @ph1p, fixing it now :slight_smile:

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The Riddlebot problem with Vigenère and unknown key… is it supposed to be in English?