Featured Event: GitHub Constellation, Seattle 2018

What:  Join the GitHub Team for a two-part event celebrating software builders and entrepreneurs in your community. Meet experts, share work, and contribute to the future of software - together.

When:  February 21 - 22, 2018

Where:  MoPOP, Seattle, WA

More Information:  To discover more about specific activities, speakers, and how to get tickets, check out http://githubconstellation.com/seattle/.

For more information on upcoming GitHub conferences or sponsored events, check out https://github.com/events.


This looks neat!  I missed it, but I’m curious and would love to find out about any upcoming Seattle events  :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for being here, @mchez808! I’d recommend following our Events page to keep an eye out for any upcoming events: 


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Hi nadiajoyce,

There’s no upcoming Seattle event – what if one is interested in learning more about creating one?



Hi Mark,

If you’re interested in creating an event yourself in the Seattle area, I’d recommend connecting with local tech groups and seeing who you can partner with. Depending on what you’re planning, we do sometimes sponsor certain events, and you can check out our sponsorship page for more information on if an event you’re planning qualifies.